Community Health Workers

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What is a Community Health Worker?

Community Health Workers have the task of guiding people in socially vulnerable situations to primary health care and making them familiar with it. They visit people and make contacts to inform them about health and health care. Together, the health insurance funds currently employ about 50 Community Health Workers (CHW). In this way, they help the most vulnerable people on their way to, for example, a GP, pharmacy, dentist, psychologist, etc. At the same time, they are very well placed to notice structural problems and inequalities in access to care. This approach must, among other things, expose barriers in access to care so that they can be tackled.

Calling on a CHW is always free of charge!

CHW Roles in the Belgian Project

The missions of a Community Health Worker are:

Informing people about health and the Belgian care system, with special attention to the needs resulting from the covid crisis.

Directing people to care and welfare institutions such as the family doctor, dentist, psychologist, health insurance fund, child and family care, etc.

Supporting people in the use of health care by reminding them of appointments, following them up, giving them confidence, listening to them, etc.

Detecting barriers in the access to/use of care in order to reduce and where possible eliminate them.

Signalling the inequality and structural accessibility problems within primary health care to the policy.

Where can you find us?

The operation of the Community Health Workers in Belgium is still in a project phase. We are currently active in the following cities (click on the city for more info):

Antwerpen  -  Genk  -  Gent  -  Oostende  -  Tienen

Charleroi  -  Liège  -  Verviers-Dison

german speaking community:
Eupen und Kelmis




In Genk zijn wij hoofdzakelijk actief in de wijken Sledderlo, Waterschei Noord, Zwartberg Noord en New Texas.

Voor meer informatie rond onze werking in Genk kan je terecht op onze facebookpagina Community Health Workers Genk | Facebook of bij


Onze Community Health Workers zijn actief in volgende wijken: Centrum, Hospitaalwijk, Westerkwartier, Mariakerke, Raversijde, Stene, Vuurtorenwijk, Konterdam en Zandvoorde.

Voor meer info kan je terecht bij


In Tienen kan je onze Community Health Workers regelmatig tegenkomen in Bezorgd Om Mensen, het inloophuis en andere organisaties. Daarnaast hebben we ook een outreachende werking op plaatsen waar kwestbare mensen zich regelmatig bevinden.

Voor bijkomende informatie kan je ons steeds contacteren via of een kijkje nemen op onze facebookpagina Community Health Workers Tienen | Facebook.


In Gent kan je onze Community Health Workers vinden in diverse zeer laagdrempelige en warme plekken in de stad.

Voor informatie ben je welkom bij of op onze facebookpagina Community Health Work Gent | Facebook.


In Borgerhout (intramuros), Centraal Station, Amandus-Atheneum, Dam en Stuivenberg kan je onze Community Health Workers tegenkomen.
Voor meer informatie rond onze werking in Antwerpen kan je terecht op onze facebookpagina Community Health Work Antwerpen | Facebook of bij


Nous sommes présents sur le territoire Carolo afin de vous venir en aide en ce qui concerne l'accès aux soins de santé.

Nous nous déplaçons sur les secteurs de Charleroi (Centre et Nord), Dampremy, Jumet, Lodelinsart, Marchienne-au-Pont, Marchienne-Docherie, Gilly, Couillet, Montignies-sur-Sambre, Châtelet et Châtelineau.

Pour plus d’info vous pouvez consulter notre page facebook Facilitateurs En Santé - Charleroi | Facebook ou nous contacter par mail :


À Liège, nous sommes actifs dans les quartiers Amercoeur, Bressoux, Droixhe, Centre, Longdoz, Outremeuse, Saint-Léonard, Sclessin, Sous-les-Vignes (Sclessin), Tribouillet.

À Saint-Nicolas, nous sommes actifs dans les quartiers Hauts de Tilleurs, Tilleur centre/cimetière.

À Seraing, nous sommes actifs dans les Beau Site, Belle Pierre, Biez du Moulin, Jemeppe, La Bergerie, Laveu, Val Potet, Lize, Makets, Ougrée Centre, Seraing Centre, Vieille Espérance.


À Verviers, nous sommes actifs dans les quartiers Abattoir Charrons, Chapeliers Ensival, Dison Fyon, Gérardchamps Besme, Hodimont, Jean Lambert, Laines, Limbourg, Marché, Martyr, Pré Javais, Surdents haute crotte couvalle, Centre, Dison Centre, Pisseroule, Renoupré et Pepinster.

Eupen und Kelmis

Für weitere Informationen können Sie uns per E-Mail kontaktieren:


In Brussel is ons team actief in diverse gemeenten en wijken. Wil je graag meer informatie per wijk, neem dan contact op via of neem een kijkje op de facebookpagina van CHW Brussel: Community Health Worker Brussels | Facebook.

A Bruxelles, notre équipe est active dans plusieurs communes et quartiers. Si vous souhaitez plus d'informations par district, veuillez nous contacter à l'adresse ou consultez la page facebook de CHW Bruxelles : Community Health Worker Brussels | Facebook.

Neder-Over-Heembeek: Versailles, Zavelput

Laken/Laeken: Modelwijk, Houba, Leopold, Bockstael

Jette: Centrum, Essegem

Schaarbeek/Schaerbeek: Helmet, Conscience

Brussel Centrum/Bruxelles Centre: Marollen, Anneessens, Dansaert, Kaaien

Anderlecht: Centrum, Peterbos, Moortebeek, Veewijde, Rad, Klaverswijk

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This intermutual project is an initiative of the Federal Minister of Public Health, Frank Vandenbroucke. The financing of the project was established through an agreement with the RIZIV. The University of Antwerp is in charge of the scientific research linked to the project, which provisionally runs until the end of 2022.